The Importance of Communication

r. Hubbard knew from his researches that only by enabling a person to find his own answers to the problems of his life could improvements be attained. As this cannot be forced on a person, auditing relies for its workability upon good communication between the auditor and preclear. The preclear is fully alert during a session and becomes even more alert and brighter as auditing progresses. The auditor and preclear work together to help the preclear defeat the preclear’s reactive mind. It is not something done to the person, but involves his active participation to increase his self-determinism.

Auditing depends utterly on a full knowledge and understanding of the basics of communication. These are thoroughly analyzed in Scientology in many lectures, books and other writings. Several courses of study exist which deal exclusively with the laws and fundamentals of communication and their application.

Communication is vital in auditing and is what makes it possible for the process to work.

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