Why Auditing Works

n a session, the analytical mind of the preclear is assisted by the analytical mind of the auditor in order to vanquish the preclear’s reactive mind.

The preclear is victimized by his reactive mind. When this is restimulated, a person is affected by the harmful energy it contains. Since the reactive mind is hidden, the preclear cannot handle it by himself–witness the thousands of years man has philosophized, soul-searched and tried to understand himself and his motives with no lasting result. In the absence of an auditor, the strength of the preclear’s dynamic thrust is less than the force capable of being exerted by the reactive mind.

One of the primary reasons auditing works is because the strength of the auditor’s dynamic thrust is added to the preclear’s dynamic thrust and these two combined are greater than the single force of the preclear’s reactive mind. Working together and applying L. Ron Hubbard’s precise technology, the preclear’s reactive mind can be erased.

Each time an area of charge is released from the reactive mind, the preclear’s awareness increases. This increase of awareness builds from auditing session to auditing session and the preclear gradually becomes more and more aware of who he is, what has happened to him and what his true potentials and abilities are.

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